Your critical digital partner 

ARCADIA Systèmes positions itself as an expert in embedded software for the aerospace, defense, and space sectors. We develop for you customized, innovative, and certifiable solutions. Our experience and technical expertise, combined with a focus on reliability and performance, make us the preferred partner for the most ambitious and critical projects. Focus on your core business by entrusting us with the project management of your avionic software.

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ARCADIA Systèmes is more than just a service provider, we are your dedicated partner in achieving your space ambitions. We design state-of-the-art, reliable and high-performance systems that meet the unique challenges presented by the space sector. Our deep expertise in space-specific resource and maintainability constraints enables us to design solutions that meet the rigorous standards of ECSS.

With ARCADIA Systems, you can be sure that your most complex space projects will be handled with the utmost skill and dedication. Trust our expertise to transform your challenges into spectacular successes.


We are your trusted partner, your ally, in meeting the unique challenges of the defense industry. As experts in digital technologies, we are perfectly equipped to address the issues of resilience and security of military systems, in full compliance with the rigorous requirements of MIL-STD standards. We put our know-how at your service to provide you with reliable and high-performance solutions that secure your military systems.​

Trust our team of experts at ARCADIA Systems to transform your challenges into remarkable successes and to guarantee the safety and efficiency of your military projects.


​At ARCADIA Systèmes, we stand out in the development of high quality DO-178 software for your most sensitive missions. Our specialists master ARINC standards and are able to create software adapted to all levels of criticality to meet your certification needs.

Entrust us with your most important projects and discover our leading expertise in this field. Please contact us today to discuss your certifiability needs and explore together the solutions we can provide to achieve your goals.